Which way to the Beach?

Which way to the Beach?

Well it’s here… The sunshine has arrived..

So which way to the beach body, that so many people wish for, but that which few ever achieve…
There may be no beaches anywhere near Birmingham, yet Personal trainers stake their reputations and their advertising budgets on making promises of a Hollywood Bod.. It takes more than a Personal trainer to do that..! It’s a collaboration, a partnership of following and leading.. Self discipline, self restraint, consistency and tenacity, a focus on goals and the production and maintenance of a plan to fulfil them…

To what level of physique expectation are you working?
And what are your timescales?
Don’t be disappointed if things aren’t as chiselled as you’d hoped for, that’s a look that takes ultra discipline and lifestyle habit change in perhaps larger proportions..

The look of ‘Fit’ is often represented by extremes, the covers of health magazines and celebrity website feature their chosen stereotypes of what is deemed to be perfection..
The trends towards attractiveness changes with advertising and endorsements, for women at the moment there is a bias towards a Hard Body look driven by things like CrossFit and functional training facilities… It’s great, but also it’s still only a choice..
As a start point ‘to the beach’, perhaps ‘fit’ isn’t about extremes, it’s about your personal acceptable level of revealable aesthetics!

Ladies, a six pack may not be your idea of yourself, but what’ll get you out of the one piece and into the two piece? That’s your choice of personal tolerance.. A toned and flattened stomach rather than a vascular one, is way more easy to achieve with just a little hard work and a deadline with a plane!
Guys, I’m pretty sure Daniel Craig had a personal trainer and plan to ensure the Bond Pecs and Delts were in good order for his emerging from the ocean shot in Casino Royale… You may not want or need to have double O status, but perhaps a pull in of the waist, some core work and a couple of pounds off, will get your shirt off for that all over upper body tan…

The way to the beach..
It’s about body confidence, feeling at the very least OK with your personal form. Is it ego, pride or something else that makes people very self aware on their vacation.. You decide.. If you’re uninhibited, and don’t care, good for you, I mean that…
But, if it plays on your mind, do something about it…

Culture and location feeds the aesthetic ideal. If you’re ever in the US, check out Miami, it’s hot and the South Beach hip and hedonistic culture brings out the flaunting of people’s best assets..!
Those who live here, live in a perpetual state of ‘it’s hot enough,let’s go to the beach!!’ And there are posters, flyers, cars covered in decals, not offering fitness and health, but the ‘beach body’ idea to which many subscribe.
This enviable achievement allows them to hold their own on the beach and turns the heads they want turned… Nothing wrong with any of that! And let’s be honest, they look great and show dedication and workout ethic in abundance.. All due respect..

However, for those of you balancing work, kids and all that life throws at you these days, take a long look at what you’d feel is a personal acceptable level of ‘fitness aesthetic’ and start the journey to being fitter, healthier and perhaps a little more proud of yourself..
Nutrition demands your attention..
Consistent training may need the addition of variety.. A few runs, are not the answer…and often stay as a ‘few’ runs as boredom plays its hand..
Load bearing strength training or callisthenics will build muscle to eat away at those calories ingested or those calories lying dormant..
Small increments in subtle lifestyle changes far enough ahead will lead you down a good path and perhaps at the end you’ll find the beach and the body you were looking for…

Go for it!

Which way to the Beach? was posted on Monday 20th April, 2015.

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