Darryl Canham blogs for Kaizen Fitness

Darryl Canham blogs for Kaizen Fitness

Article by Darryl Canham, Head Coach @ Kaizen Fitness

I was recently training one of the goal keepers from Aston Villa’s women’s team, who came to the centre looking for some personal training with a view to getting selected as the team’s first choice.

(On a personal marketing note, JOB DONE! Well done J, and a possible England team slot too…!)

Anyway, picking up on the blog topic of cross sport training, here’s and example of how getting beyond the traditional training precepts of your own sport, can add yards and mileage to your own performance..
We got onto the subject of goalies kicking the ball upfield from the hand, and I was shown the latest thinking in how to deliver maximal power to the ball, using a kicking ‘across the body’ style..
Different styles of kicking will suit different body types, but what I noticed was that her power was mostly generated from the hip. With some experience in martial arts and evidently kicking technique, we modified the ‘new’ style of kick to involve the knee and adding more quadricep power to the ‘ball impact’.. Pun intended and for her an extra 20 yards distance achieved with each upfield kick.. Not bad.. 2 sports combined to greater effect..

When looking at fitness and training options, look outside of your current competency zones:

Yoga is being used by almost everyone it seems, from Wimbledon Champions to UFC Fighters..
HIIT training is everywhere, gyms, city parks and on DVD, it’s not new, interval training was high on the agenda for many middle distance runners as far back as the 70’s.
CrossFit has to a degree changed the face of fitness, some purists will disagree, but you can’t deny them their cross function abilities and supreme levels of fitness. Gymnastics, weightlifting, sprinting, quarter mile runs, rowing etc etc etc…
Boxing/Pad work has appeared in most gyms and PT repertoires as well as gracing the pages of celebrity magazines..
Plyometrics, the bedrock of track and field athletes, weightlifters, basketball players is now ever more popular in racket sports and more…
For me, it was Nick Faldo who started the ‘golf athlete’ phenomena, Tiger Wood took it on a level and now Rory McIlroy is at a whole new level of athletic training. Watch him train, it’s all there, weightlifting, yoga, plyometrics, as well as tens of thousands of golf balls struck in practice..
Competitive Fighters are turning to movement mechanic specialists to improve their evasion and opportunistic abilities..
Even Arnie worked with ballet dancers to improve the aesthetic of his body building posing routine!

So there’s knowledge in everything, and it’s everywhere, if you can pick up one degree of change to your training each day, from observation of other workout formats or be inspired by other sports and performances, then before the end of the year, you’ll have become 365 degrees richer in your personal abilities and performance..
Don’t let the gym become stale, learn from the greats, Youtube is a great resource for inspiration, then facilitate change to your programme and monitor your progress with a training diary. Trial and error can make champions..

The same old routine, will often give you the same old results, so don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit and try something wholly new, that’ll challenge you fitness, your body and your mind..
After all, that’s where fitness starts..
‘Inspiration before perspiration..’

Yours in health and fitness


Darryl Canham blogs for Kaizen Fitness was posted on Tuesday 26th July, 2016.

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