Kaizen Fitness Testimonials


Jason – Managing Director
A mix of training methods bringing strength, physical movement, athleticism into a hardworking, challenging, but fun workout. Depth of knowledge from instructor is unsurpassable, added to his energy and enthusiasm for training is infectious.

Pete – Designer
I started Kaizen Fitness around a year ago. My motivation was primarily health related, being in my early fifties, seeking to improve my all round physique, lower cholesterol and blood sugars levels and increase my lung and breathing capabilities. I highly recommend the programme, the content being varied from week to week so there isn’t a constant, repetitive format. It has vastly enhanced my general health, quality of life and overall self confidence.

Niki – Physiotherapy Student
Kaizen fitness offers a positive, hard working environment under the guidance of a highly skilled trainer who creates unique and fun training programmes to help you achieve your goals. As well as improving my fitness it has also given me a greater sense of well-being, strength and stability in mind, body and spirit. I feel so lucky to have found this path and look forward to every session… Or short hand… It’s too Awesome for words! Just try it…

Euan – Telecoms Consultant
I’ve been training with Kaizen fitness for a few years now and have definitely reaped the benefits. As an ex rugby player and power lifter I thought I knew all there was to know about keeping myself fit and strong until I started training the Kaizen way. The training focuses on building overall functional strength and fitness from the core by using various combinations of body weight and compound free-weight exercises. Thanks to the 25 year experience and motivational qualities of the Instructor, who has trained with some world class athletes, I reached a personal goal of a Black Belt in Karate last year and its fair to say I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been.

Sean – Director/Arbitrator
I was in my late 30′s and I knew I needed to get fit. I was bored with the gym and the punch bag, so I sought some expert help.. Over the space of a couple of years of training once or twice a week, I lost 10% of my weight and literally changed shape to a much leaner and stronger frame, which was more sustainable than weight gain and definition from gym workouts. Every session is different and in the 5 years I have been coming I have never had the same session twice!

Tom – Managing Director
Having tried numerous training programs over the last 15 years, training with Kaizen is a genuinely ‘body, mind, spirit’ experience.. I’ve recommended family and colleagues in the past, as the programs have benefitted numerous aspects of my life. Enjoy the session.

Dave – Sales Manager
When I joined Kaizen Fitness many years ago, I carried injuries from previous sporting exploits. The tailored training sessions and the expert knowledge of the trainer has helped me to strengthen these weak areas. The enthusiastic, fun and professional delivery of every lesson consistently re-invigorates my passion for fitness and well being. And is a fundamental reason why I never want to miss a session. Thank you for all the time and energy invested over the years.

Sadia – Recruitment Consultant
I have tried quite a few personal trainers, gyms and fitness classes on my continuing journey to getting fit. I can honestly say that I have never come across a trainer who has so much knowledge about the body and fitness, the training regimes/exercises are unique and you are pushed in different ways in each session, so there is no time to get bored! The atmosphere is charged, fun and energetic, you will leave ‘worked’ but feeling absolutely great!
In the time I have been training, my body shape has completely changed and with that, my self confidence has never been better. If you are looking for a place that will challenge you mentally and physically, then look no further, I wholeheartedly recommend Kaizen Fitness.