Darryl Canham – Head Trainer

Darryl Canham – Head Trainer


Darryl Canham is an experienced athlete and coach, having been running his centre in Birmingham for well over a decade. A qualified strength coach and highly qualified martial artist, his varied sporting background and continuing passion for high performance athletic conditioning has made him the trainer of choice for many discerning clients.

Darryl coaches not only individuals seeking better performance, fitness and health, he coaches various martial arts, Aikido, Aikijutsu, Karate to name a few. Recently, he has been working with the Institute of Directors, Leadership Institutes and other bodies in the pursuit of better health and fitness, personal performance enhancement and self-defence initiatives.

A strong corporate background in advertising and marketing, having run 2 teams for McCann-Erickson and being a founding partner in Rave Communications, has helped Darryl bring an empathic understanding of corporate demands. He takes a simplistic and pragmatic approach, knowing that finding motivation and balance are the keys to progression in these busy times.

The Kaizen Centre is a reflection of Darryl’s passion for health, fitness and life. You get out what you put in… With strategy and thinking behind programming, each development plan is designed individually for every client. Then the graft begins…

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Darryl is a regular contributor to Dluxe magazine as a fitness writer and works in the film and gaming industry as an action performer and fight choreographer.

Darryl Canham – Head Trainer was posted on Tuesday 28th June, 2016.

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