About Kaizen Fitness

About Kaizen Fitness


Kaizen Fitness was founded by Darryl Canham, an experienced trainer, athlete and martial artist, to help people fulfil their fitness and athletic performance ambitions.

Based in the Jewellery Quarter, clients find the variety of training styles are formatted to their specific goals and personal health ambitions. No two clients are alike, so by taking a strategic view to each person’s lifestyle, abilities and approach, a bespoke training plan is created to maximise the return on every client’s training investment.

Still a fan of the basics and life athleticism, Darryl’s aim is to help each client, hit their levels and ‘live young!’

“Remember when you used to be able to leap a ditch or swing over a five bar gate. What happened?

Training very often become a singular dimension, where cross functional training becomes obsolete in place of Targeted performance. That’s all well and good if you’re training for specific goals, increase of muscular body mass, speed and power generation, or aesthetic improvement.¬†But an overall feeling of being fit, healthy, dynamic, and athletic is often lost at the end of youth through over-specialisation or having ‘grow up’.

Find youthful vigour and a passion for movement, functional and athletic.¬†Create a functional and athletic body that’ll perform at its peak when it matters most.”

About Kaizen Fitness was posted on Friday 26th July, 2013.

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